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Moji Port|Pilgrimage on the Sea Cruise

A Pilgrimage on the Sea Cruise Taking You on a Tour of the Kanmon Area, Home to Numerous Shrines and Temples. This 45-minute cruise visits Akama Shrine, Kameyama Hachimangu, and Mekari Shrine, three Shinto shrines in the Kanmon area which has been the stage for many turning points in history, from the sea. Please enjoy the new aspects of each shrine seen from the sea. After boarding, passengers will receive red seals of the three shrines in a HANARIA original file. ※Times may change depending on tidal conditions. ※In the case of a reservation request, we will contact you approximately 3 days prior to the cruise you have booked. Please be assured that no fee will be debited during the reservation request.

  • Adult (ages 18+)

    JPY 6,000

  • Child (ages 17 & under)

    JPY 6,000

  • Only one child per adult is free (ages 6 & under)

    JPY 0

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  • Duration

    0.8 hours




    Akama Shrine: This shrine is dedicated to Emperor Antoku, who during the battle of Dan-no-ura, was drowned in the sea at the age of eight. The bright vermilion Suiten-mon Gate, built in the image of the Dragon's Palace, is a symbol of the Kanmon Straits.



    Kameyama Hachiman Shrine: Known affectionately as "Seki no Ujigami-sama" or "Kameyama-sama," this shrine was originally located on an island, and has long been a place to pray for safe voyages as the shrine of the guardian deity of the Kanmon Straits.



    Mekari Shrine: Overlooking the Kanmon Straits, the only way to visit this shrine in ancient times was from the sea. The moon goddess, known as Seoritsuhime, is also revered as the goddess of purification, who dispels impurities, and the goddess of guidance, who controls the ebb and flow of the tides.


  • Embarkation Procedures at Boarding Platform

    Please arrive at the boarding area at least 10 minutes prior to departure. If you miss the departure time, regardless of whether or not you have notified us, your reservation will be cancelled and HANARIA will depart. Please have your QR code or confirmation screen ready for boarding procedures.

    Reception and transfer to the beach

    At long last, the ship is ready to set sail. We hope you enjoy your HANARIA cruise.

    Mekari Shrine

    Akama Shrine

    Kameyama Hachiman Shrine

    Return to Moji Port

    After about 45minute cruise, the ship will return to port.

Plan Information

  • What's Included
    • Boarding tickets
    • Red seals for 3 shrines
  • Requirements
    • When boarding, please present the QR code sent to you after you purchased your ticket.
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  • Minimum Participants
    • 10
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    2 days before to 23:59


    1 day before to 23:59

    After 23:59, 1 day before


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  • Adult (ages 18+)

    JPY 6,000

  • Child (ages 17 & under)

    JPY 6,000

  • Only one child per adult is free (ages 6 & under)

    JPY 0